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kouvenda n. (Greek) talk, chat, conversation

Kouvenda is a word I grew up hearing from my Yiayia. She’d often use it to describe how she spent time with others, ‘The girls came over yesterday for coffee, cards and kouvenda'.

From the time I was a small child until she died when I was 30, my grandmother and I shared countless moments of kouvenda. And today, it’s a word I continue to hold onto strongly. Not only because of the memories I have of Yiayia. But also because of what it signifies to me.

It’s conversation. Connecting with others. Being in-person.

Kouvenda is what I personally and professionally love to do. It drives my commitment to producing narrative media that can help us relate to the big issues shaping our society and culture; and transform how we connect, learn and understand.

As the founder and owner of Kouvenda Media, I’m a content-maker; but my vision is to be a context-maker who can help spark conversation for social change.

I am highly interested in collaborating with individuals and organizations committed to civic engagement, especially around topics of personal and social well-being in urban areas.

Stephanie Marudas is currently the executive producer of Grapple, a new podcast about people living and working in distressed communities. She has worked in public radio for more than a decade.

Stephanie has been a reporter and producer for WHYY Public Radio in Philadelphia and WYPR Public Radio in Baltimore. She has covered daily news and reported features; in addition to being a producer for two local radio shows in Philadelphia and several long-form radio specials.

Apart from her work in radio, Stephanie helped create the Got Greek? Project, and interviewed college and university students of Greek descent around the country. She's also done interview and podcast work for the American Academy of Political and Social Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Stephanie Marudas

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Grapple is a new podcast that gives voice to people living and working in distressed communities.

Through personal narratives and long-form storytelling, you hear conversations that tell the story of America’s profound economic and social changes — including how distressed communities have changed over time, what they’re grappling with today, and how they’re redefining themselves.

Grapple’s first season takes you to a series of communities across Pennsylvania that were once vibrant but struggle today. The season also features breakout episodes to help dig deeper into the big issues you’re hearing about with leading economists, sociologists, writers and more.

Grapple is produced by Keystone Crossroads, in association with Kouvenda Media.

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Photo by: Lindsay Lazarski, WHYY/Keystone Crossroads