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Stephanie Marudas

Stephanie Marudas Founder & Executive Producer

Stephanie is a radio journalist and helped create and produce Grapple, which won a 2016 PRNDI (Public Radio News Directors, Inc.) award for best podcast for large public radio stations. She has been a reporter and producer for WHYY Public Radio in Philadelphia and WYPR Public Radio in Baltimore. Apart from public radio, Stephanie also conducts other interview-based work and oral history projects.

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Jessica Kourkounis

Jessica Kourkounis Multimedia Producer

Jessica is a multimedia journalist specializing in documentary and editorial work. She is best known for her photojournalism but is also building her reputation as an audio producer, filmmaker and writer. Jessica is a regular contributor to The New York Times and Getty Images. Her images have been published worldwide. Her radio stories have aired on public media stations on shows such as Morning Edition, The Pulse and NewsWorks Tonight.

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Sarah Kaizar

Sarah Kaizar Web Producer

Sarah is an artist, illustrator, web & graphic designer. She cut her teeth in web design serving as a web producer for WHYY, Philadelphia's public broadcasting station. Sarah's art work addresses a range of subjects including environmental concerns, topical political issues and mental health. This work has been shown in galleries in and around the Greater Philadelphia area including 3rd Street Gallery, The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education and The Delaware Contemporary art museum.

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Kouvenda Media

Diving Board

Hosted by Woodmere Art Museum's Director and CEO, Bill Valerio and Stephanie Marudas of Kouvenda Media, Diving Board is a new show about artists, the art they create, and diving into a wide range of social and cultural ideas. In this 3-part pilot series, the story of an important Philadelphia artist and civic leader named Violet Oakley is told through engaging conversations with a variety of today's artists and art scholars.

Dial Back

Kouvenda is currently working on a special podcast series called Dial Back to explore the impact of technology on our lives. As our society and culture have increasingly become tech-driven, it's virtually impossible to imagine life today without: the Internet, social media, email, text messages, GPS, apps, podcasts and everything else you might love or hate about being “connected.” For some, being connected 24/7 is the new normal; whereas others have started to pull back, such as intentionally unplugging from their devices for a day. We’re really intrigued by these big changes taking shape around us and are inviting you to join us for some soul-searching around our culture’s dynamic relationship with technology.

Listen & share our short preview about some of the themes we hope to explore on the show :


Through personal narratives and long-form storytelling, Grapple shares stories of America's profound economic and social changes — including how distressed communities have changed over time, what they're grappling with today, and how they're redefining themselves.

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Photographs by Jessica Kourkounis
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